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  • Sage Pastel Payroll Update 1B from Update 1

    Release Notes Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2018 Update 1b

    Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2018 Update 1b is now available for download and has been created to address some fixes and a few enhancements.

    Changes include:


    ETI Monthly Equivalent has been amended to cater for more complex scenarios.


    The IRP5/IT3(a) export file has been amended to address hours reported for ETI.


    Smart Reporting connection error.


    Create new company from backup.


    Search for employees by their ID numbers.


    Ability to create backdated UIF Electronic files.


    Other changes also include updated contact details and web links. 

    We have also included the new 2017 PAYE Tax Year End Guide and 2017 Year end Submissions Guide to Help…Guides 

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  • Struggling to do your UIF Electronic Declaration?

    Struggling to do your UIF Electronic Declaration?

    If you have upgraded to Sage Pastel Payroll 2018 Update 1 and you are struggling to do your UIF Electronic Declaration, here is your solution:

    1. As per usual, Go To

    View, Statutory Reports, UIF, UIF Electronic Declaration




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  • Income Verification Sage Pastel Payroll

    What Is Income Verification?

    With Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2017 Update 2b & 3, clients will have the option to participate in
    the Income Verification programme.

    Explanation of Income Verification
    Income Verification enables organizations to upload their employees’ payslips through Sage
    Pastel Payroll & HR, to a secure online platform.
    Registered Financial Services Providers (FSP) who also partake, can then access the
    necessary payslips once the individual provides permission to the FSP to do so.

    For example:
    Previously, if John wanted to apply for vehicle finance at Wesbank, he would have had to
    provide either 3- or 6-months’ worth of payslips along with his other documentation.
    Going forward, if John’s employer is participating in the Income Verification program, then
    John simply has to give Wesbank permission to access the necessary payslips.


    How to participate (Click on Read More Below)

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  • Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidation Reporting


    Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidation Reporting is a very handy tool if you have multiple Pastel Payroll Companies with the same SARS Reference Numbers (PAYE, UIF & SDL).


    If you are currently printing your EMP201-, EMP501 Reconciliation & IRP5/IT3(a) Electronic Certificates separately and combining them manually, then this is the solution for you!


    Click on Read More below to learn how to set-up your own Sage Pastel Payroll Cosolidated Reports.

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  • Sage Pastel Online Travel Log Book

    Sage Pastel's SARS compliant online travel logbook allows you to keep track of your travel claims throughout the year and view a summary at the end of the tax year. All you need to do is simply enter your kilometres travelled, destination details and rate of reimbursement, easy!


    Click Here to Go to their website and either Register (First Time User) or to Login (Existing User).


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  • Recent Sage Pastel Awards



    At the recent Sage Pastel Group's National Awards Evening held in Johannesburg, HH Accounting Services came out Tops amongst the South African Sage Pastel Business Partners / Forum Members.


    It is with great excitement and with hearts bursting with pride & gratefulness that we recieved the following awards:

    Sage Pastel Payroll

    1st in Outlying Areas Nationally

    1st Overall Nationally

    Sage Pastel Accounting

    2nd in Outlying Areas Nationally

    Thank You to you, our loyal clients for your continued support!

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  • Sage Pastel Payroll & HR Latest Dowload - 2017 Update 1


    Click Here to download the update (5.5Mb) for Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2017 Update 1.

    *NOTE: You have to be on Sage Pastel Payroll 2016 Update 3 for this update to be successful.

    For the Full Installation File, Click Here and Choose the option

    Download the full install (97.3Mb) for Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2017 Update 1.


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  • Payroll - Medical Aid Contribution Increases 01 Jan 2016

    Payroll - Medical Aid Contribution Increases 01 Jan 2016








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