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  • Sage Pastel Accounting - My Customer Zone

    Sage Pastel Accounting - My Customer Zone

    Sage Pastel My Customer Zone provides small- and medium-sized businesses a chance to give their customers an optimised user experience through a handy online portal which integrates with the Desktop giving the user the familiarity of the Desktop and the flexibility of the cloud. With their recently released Customer Zone, Sage unlocks a simple yet modern approach to effective customer relationship management. Here are a few ways that you can add extra value to your customers by using this new service:


    Your customers can view their information with ease

    Once they’ve logged into the Customer Zone, your customers can access all of their invoices and statements with the click of a button. They can also clearly see which invoices are outstanding, as well as a history of all previous invoices and a statement of the total balance due. This information can be downloaded and printed easily for their own records. This kind of clarity is what effective customer relationship management is all about – accurate and comprehensive information that’s available immediately. You customers are also able to change their details from within the portal. This makes it easy to keep your systems up-to-date with their latest info without having to actively seek it out.


    It offers a slick user experience

    Sage’s Customer Zone additionally helps you bring added value to your customers through is its slick design and optimised user experience. With a layout that’s both attractive and intuitive, it’s easy to navigate between tabs and find key information. You can also customise the portal with your company’s branding and imagery, adding a visual element that’s consistent with the overall customer experience. The high quality and usability of the portal are naturally associated with your company, making it appear professional and technologically adept. The benefits of such a streamlined interface don’t only translate into added value for the customer, they also make it easier for accountants and business owners to navigate their customer relationship management system and monitor customer activity.


    Your customers can make instant payments anytime, anywhere

    Effective customer relationship management keeps your customers happy with convenience and utility. By being able to access Sage’s Customer Zone from their smartphone, laptop or tablet, customers are already at ease on a familiar device. Furthermore with everything accessible on the cloud, your customers can access their online portal and make payments instantaneously no matter where they are. This not only eliminates the hassle of waiting for a payment to clear, but also means your customers can pay while on the move. The customers have up to four payment options i.e. EFT, credit card, retail barcode payments and for the tech savvy QR codes.


    It integrates with your Sage Accounting Software

    One of the key benefits for businesses of using Sage’s Customer Zone is how it automatically integrates with your Sage Accounting Software. Whenever a customer of yours makes a payment or updates their details, the transaction appears on your Sage Pay statement for quick and easy reconciliation.  This keeps all of data in sync between the desktop and the cloud, ensuring you have access to data that is accurate and comprehensive.

    *All Information courtesy of Sage Pastel My Business

    Click Here Watch a Video Released by Sage Pastel Accounting / By Business to see how it works.

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