SAGE Pastel September Specials


 2015-11-16 01:46 PM by
SAGE Pastel September Specials

Upgrade NOW!

If you do not currently have a Business Care License this is your LAST CHANCE to upgrade to Perpetual!

10% Discount on New Packages & Upgrades

10% Discount when Upgrading from Sage Pastel V14 Perpetual to V14 Advantage.

15% Discount on Upgrades from V10 (Pastel 2009) to V14 Perpetual.

20% Discount on All Upgrades to Sage Pastel Advantage Products for End of Life Clients.

End of Life Versions currently are V6, V7 (Pastel 2004), V8 (Pastel 2005) & V9 (Pastel 2009)

HH Accounting Services are offering an Additional 10% Discount on top of the Sage Pastel Offering.

NOTE:  From 1 October 2015 Sage Pastel will no longer be selling any Perpetual Products (with the exception of Xpress Start-Up).  From 1 October 2015 you will have to upgrade to Sage Pastel Advantage Products.