Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidation Reporting

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Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidation Reporting is a very handy tool if you have multiple Pastel Payroll Companies with the same SARS Reference Numbers (PAYE, UIF & SDL).


If you are currently printing your EMP201-, EMP501 Reconciliation & IRP5/IT3(a) Electronic Certificates separately and combining them manually, then this is the solution for you!


Click on Read More below to learn how to set-up your own Sage Pastel Payroll Cosolidated Reports.


To set up the consolidation first of all you need to ‘Allow Consolidation’ in each of the companies that you would like to have combined reports for.


Step 1

In each of the companies you want to run the Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidated Reports,

Go to:

Set Up

Company Parameters

Settings Tab

Within the Security Block (Marked below, bottom right),

  1. Tick the ‘Allow Consolidation’ Block
  2. Type in a Consolidation Password
  3. Re-type the password in the block below
  4. Click on ‘OK’ (Top Right)


Once you have done Step 1 in all of the companies, move on to Step 2.


Step 2

Choose one of the companies (maybe the biggest of them all) and open it. This will be the company you will have to open in future to run the Consolidated Report you set up.

Go to:

Set Up


As per the below screen shot

  1. Give your Consolidation Report a Code
  2. Give your Consolidation Report a Description
  3. Type in the Company Name for which the Consolidation Report will be run
  4. Choose on the Drop Down Menu which Consolidation Report you want this report to be

          a) EMP201 Monthly Declaration

          b) EMP501 Declaration

          c) IRP5/IT3(a) Electronic Certificates

  • NOTE: If you wish to have Consolidated Reports for all 3, create all 3 separately with separate Codes/Descriptions.


5. Tick to ‘Show Same PAYE Reference No. Only

  • NOTE: This will only work if you have entered all the SARS Reference Numbers in the Company Parameters in each company.



Lastly, Tick each of the Companies you want to include in your Consolidated Report and Type in the Password you created earlier for each in the Password field.


Click on Save (Top, Left) and move on to the next report you would like to create, if any.


All that is left for you to do is to run your Sage Pastel Payroll Consolidated Reports!


To do this, open the company you chose to set the Consolidated Reports up in

Go to:



Choose which type of report you would like to see

Choose which of your reports (Report Name that you created for the group of companies that you set up) you would like to run

Follow the on-screen instructions



*NOTE: The only time that the consolidation report will give you an error or not run is if the companies you have combined have different pay period end dates, for example if 2 of the companies you included in the group have weekly pay periods but end on alternate weeks.


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