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What Is Income Verification?

With Sage Pastel Payroll & HR 2017 Update 2b & 3, clients will have the option to participate in
the Income Verification programme.

Explanation of Income Verification
Income Verification enables organizations to upload their employees’ payslips through Sage
Pastel Payroll & HR, to a secure online platform.
Registered Financial Services Providers (FSP) who also partake, can then access the
necessary payslips once the individual provides permission to the FSP to do so.

For example:
Previously, if John wanted to apply for vehicle finance at Wesbank, he would have had to
provide either 3- or 6-months’ worth of payslips along with his other documentation.
Going forward, if John’s employer is participating in the Income Verification program, then
John simply has to give Wesbank permission to access the necessary payslips.


How to participate (Click on Read More Below)

In order to participate, clients can go to Setup…Company Parameters.

On the Company -tab, clients can select to participate.


Selecting the option to participate allows Sage Pastel Payroll & HR to upload all payslips to
the secured online platform, from where the authorized users can access the pdf payslips.

Once clients have selected to participate, payslips will automatically be uploaded whenever
the user do a Payroll Run or process an employee individually.
Users can also upload payslips for previous periods, by selecting View…Payroll
Reports…Reprint Payslips.


* Information courtesy of Sage Pastel & HR and Comcorp Holdings